About Us

Good food matters.

So do people.

Mes Amis is a social enterprise dedicated to creating space for excellent food and great relationships. We love to work with local, health-forward ingredients. Our catering methods work towards an environmentally sustainable food system.

We focus on creating an accessible work environment where we can all succeed. We strive to be inclusive, offering compassionate employment, particularly for people with mental health challenges. 

We have been open since May 2013 and are proud to be serving the Hamilton, Ontario community.

Ruth Anne Vanholst

Ruth Anne Vanholst

Co-owner and Food Designer

Ruth Anne’s passion is food. She loves to create with it. With a heart for her city, Ruth Anne established Mes Amis as a business that focuses on good food, the arts and people. Because she often found it difficult to find good food that was consistent with her gluten intolerance, she chose to make everything at Mes Amis without gluten.

Scott Fairley

Scott Fairley

Co-owner and Operations Manager

Scott is something of a a Swiss army knife — if it needs doing, he’ll do it. He is responsible for purchasing, contracts, scheduling, administration and, of course, “other duties”. He often recruits his daughters as taste-testers, too.