Kids’ Education

Kids, food and more

Mes Amis was started with the dream of not only serving amazing food to our customers, but also to provide artistic, musical and culinary education to Hamilton and area youth!

We provide this through field trips, birthday parties, cooking classes, and partnerships with ArtHouse and the Children’s Aid Society.

We have also partnered with the Town of Oakville to offer cooking classes for children and youth at the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

Our Philosophy

We believe the arts are connected

All of our programs are interdisciplinary, with specialized instruction in music, art, cooking. With drama and movement, we transition between activities and weave the disciplines together.

We believe that children have the right to choose

There are no mandatory activities at Mes Amis. We promote participation through encouragement and by creating an engaging curriculum. 

  • Every child chooses whether to participate in the main activity or engage in an auxiliary option.
  • Children can also self-regulate and choose a proactive time-out or snack break when needed.
  • We ask for input from all children and tailor each class to the needs of the individual and according to the interests and dynamics of each group.

We are simply facilitators. For each activity, we show examples of methods and techniques, then encourage children to independently complete each step from start to finish. Rather than correcting their methods, we encourage them to note differences in their end results and investigate why. There are no “right or wrong” methods in the arts!

For questions and inquiries, contact us at education -at- mesamiscatering -dot- com